Securing Windows 10; Lets’ Give This a Try

First I will preface this with that fact I am using a Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021 base install as my normal Windows machine for this exercise. We are also going to focus more on the security of the average user. We are going to grab a few tools to assist us, as most people ... Read More

Enable SMB1 Shares in Windows 10 2004+

Just in case anyone is still dealing with this there does appear to be a functioning work around. It’ll at least get us by until we can finally and fully deprecate our SMB1 shares. The trick is to add the registry key “ProviderFlags” as a REG_DWORD with a value of 1 (0x00000001) to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Network Then ... Read More

Increasing Office 365 Exchange Mailbox Size

Microsoft offers multiple plans for Office 365, and the mailbox size limit varies according to the plan. For example, the E1 plan has a maximum size limit of 50 GB for every mailbox, whereas E5 provides a size limit of 100 GB. Thus, when the mailbox size of your mailboxes exceeds 50 GB, the organization ... Read More

Mount Convert BIN-CUE Files Linux

Convert a bin+cue file to ISO in linux using bchunk. Mounting ISO in linux Just found quickly with a google search and first page:

RemixOS Single Disk MBR Install (No Dual Boot)

This information is to help you install RemixOS directly on a hard disk, using (Legacy) BIOS boot method and MBR style partition table. Remix OS will utilize the entire hard disk and will not limit you to a 4GB /data partition. I will be using 2 USB thumb drives to get this working, none of ... Read More

Setting up Asterisk with TelaSIP

So you have your Asterisk / Asterisk@Home server setup and running, and now you wish to receive calls from the outside world (PSTN or Public Service Telephone Network). I will try to make this page as easy to use as possible, walking through each of the steps. My setup includes Asterisk@Home 2.8 with freePBX web ... Read More

Setup ADFS for Office 365 Single Sign-On

Step 1: Install Active Directory Federation Services Add ADFS by using Add Roles and Features Wizard. Notes for ADFS 2.0If you are using Windows Server 2008, you must download and install ADFS 2.0 to be able to work with Office 365. You can obtain ADFS 2.0 from the following Microsoft Download Center website: After the ... Read More

TriBBS, Fidonet, TriDOG and TriTOSS

Ah what an adventure this is getting to be. As you may know I’m setting up my old Telnet BBS again, not just the door games, but the full system including File Areas, Message Bases, and yes the Door Games. I have all the games working so far, and file transfers are fine when you ... Read More

Using GMail as SMTP Client; Custom SMTP

I have had some problems recently adding another email account that I own to my gmail account as a ‘send as’ account. I have the option of using GMail SMTP servers but it adds the annoying ‘Sent on behalf of…” to the messages and I already have a postfix server setup for this account. I ... Read More


Windows 10’s March 2021 cumulative updates are causing serious problems for some people and it’s still not clear how widespread the issue is. The problem was first reported by users of both Windows 10 consumer edition and Windows Server when their devices crashed abruptly with the “APC_INDEX_MISMATCH” stop error code. In addition to blue screens, ... Read More