Using Container Tabs for Privacy (Firefox)

Firefox browser builds and forks have a feature called “Container Tabs“. In the browser settings you can add, edit and remove these tabs or categories. If you want to increase your online privacy without going as far as using TOR Browser we can use these Container Tabs to assist us. This can be useful to ... Read More

Web Browsing Anonymously

I want this post to focus on browsing the web anonymously more-so then pointing out which browsers you should be using, or which VPN provider is the best, etc. I will go into a few small details about browsers, but how you use them usually has the most positive vs negative effect on privacy and ... Read More

Duck Duck Go Censorship

I will refer to Duck Duck Go as DDG for the remainder of the article. I don’t use social media, yet I constantly hear how I should be using DDG instead of Google. I do not use Google, not because of privacy concerns (there are many), but because they modify results to be “more relevant”. ... Read More