Using Container Tabs for Privacy (Firefox)

Firefox browser builds and forks have a feature called “Container Tabs“. In the browser settings you can add, edit and remove these tabs or categories. If you want to increase your online privacy without going as far as using TOR Browser we can use these Container Tabs to assist us.

This can be useful to keep work accounts away from personal accounts, at the same or different providers. As well as allowing multiple user accounts at the same provider without having to logout of one and back into another. It also keeps tracking cookies contained (heh) to that specific “category” that you configure helping to eliminate the process of tracking you from service to service.

This feature will not protect you against a spying Internet Service Provider (ISP), a spying Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider, or a TOR exit node watching your unencrypted traffic.

Under the “Settings” for “Enable Container Tabs” exists a checkbox labeled “Select a container for each tab”. This requires us to select a container to use when starting a new tab. Alone this can help us manually load sites into specific containers, but this could get annoying over time. There exists an extension named “Firefox Multi-Account Containers“, which allows us to setup specific sites to always load in a specific container.

After loading the addon, browse to your normal sites and start assigning them to specific containers, creating new containers if a website does not fit into that “category”. You can do this by clicking the addons button in your toolbar and then choosing “Always Open This Site in…”

I suggest something to the following for containers.

  • Social Media
  • Banking
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Personal
  • Work
  • Media
  • Shopping

As of this post, Chrome and various forks do not have this feature. There exists a feature called persona’s which you can use, by clicking the user icon in the top right and making different “Users”. It does not allow you to have multiple categories between tabs, it seems to want to have a separate browser window for each “category” with that particular profile owning all tabs.

Additional Addons

  • uBlock Origin
    • Block ads, trackers, and other junk.
  • Privacy Possom
    • Privacy Possum monkey wrenches common commercial tracking methods by reducing and falsifying the data gathered by tracking companies.
  • Cookie Quick Manager
    • When setting up your container tabs, this addon will help you ‘clean’ your non-container cookies and such. You can clear specific cookies thus manually clearing login sessions and other data.
  • Sponsor Block
    • Skip over annoying bits of YouTube videos.
  • Temporary Containers
    • Open tabs, websites, and links in automatically managed disposable containers which isolate the data websites store (cookies, storage, and more) from each other, enhancing your privacy and security while you browse.

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